Current News Stock Status updated May 22, 2020
Please visit back regularly for updates:

1-800-661-1562 (Canada’s Toll free #’s are being swamped)
1-403-293-3060 Local number should work.

  • Face Mask, currently out of stock and not currently taking orders.
  • Hand-Sanitizer, RDco available (see banner add below, call for order), other brands currently out of stock and not taking orders at this time.
  • Liquid Alcohol, currently out of stock and not currently taking orders.
  • Surface Cleaners, currently out of stock, taking orders (shipped by themselves with added shipping costs).
  • Alcohol Preps – In stock and ready to ship, please inform any special shipping arrangements
  • Gloves, still receiving stock, orders would be held for gloves
    (Call in or Email orders only for gloves 1-800-661-1562 / )
  • Diofluor – We are told that a portion of our order is on its way, we should be able to fill all ordered prior to March, Accounts with unpaid invoices dated in February or prior will be held from shipments until invoices are cleared, please ensure your old invoices are paid to avoid missing your allotment of Diofluor.   Stay tuned for information for the next eta of shipment.


   ** UPDATE NEWS on Diofluor Fluorescein Strips. - Early May 2020.   Due to the current situation with Covid-19 we are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes and stock shortages/shipping delays on all applicable products (face masks, disinfectants and hand sanitizers).