Current News Stock Status – January 5, 2021

Please visit back regularly for updates:

Diofluor – We have finally received a partial shipment of the Diofluor Fluorescein Strips. We have received about 1/3 of the stock we have requested which covers about 1/2 of our current back orders.

We have now had confirmation that we will not be receiving more until (They say June/July), which going by history more likely means September 2021. Please note we share your frustration that we are not receiving our orders in full and are given delivery dates that are continuously extended.

As of today, we have shipped all orders placed up to mid September. This concludes our current batch. Any later orders will be waiting for the next batch likely due in September 2021.

We will begin filling back orders starting with the oldest orders, first ordered-first shipped. Please do not call to see if you are on the list or if you will be filled, we will not be able to determine whether you will receive stock at this time as this is something 1000’s of you would wish to get informed about but if we spend all day answering these questions we would have no time to prepare and ship your packages. We will issue updates of which months are filled and completed and where we end. To give you an idea we still have back orders from 2019 December, some Jan 2020, Feb 2020. And March will be where the majority begins. Because it is Christmas we may begin shipping after the Christmas Holidays and shipping times may be affected by the holiday schedules of our courier services.

Isopto Atropine – No longer available, discontinued by manufacturer.

Face Masks – Please see our PPE/Covid-19 section for the face mask models that are available on a limited basis. Our previously stocked models: #5101/5102 Ear Loop Face Masks, #5103 N95 Face Masks and #5104 Cone Face Masks are currently out of stock with no ETA for arrival or any indication of the price when they become available once again. We are not currently taking any new orders for these products and have cancelled all back orders for these items due to an expectation that it could months before we see stock and it is unlikely that the products would be received at their previous price levels.

Hand Sanitizer – RDco Liquid Hand Sanitizer and CanPalm Gel Hand Sanitizer currently available (other brands currently out of stock and not taking orders at this time).

Liquid Alcohol – Currently out of stock with no ETA.

Surface Cleaners – Currently out of stock, no longer taking orders for these until stock starts to come in.

Alcohol Preps – In stock and ready to ship, please inform any special shipping arrangements

Gloves – Stock in gloves is very limited. We do not have an ETA for delivery at this time.



   ** UPDATE NEWS on Diofluor Fluorescein Strips. - Early May 2020.   Due to the current situation with Covid-19 we are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes and stock shortages/shipping delays on all applicable products (face masks, disinfectants and hand sanitizers).