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Check Out Trouble

We have noticed and heard from some people getting stuck at the check out / credit card screen.  If you are having trouble we would love to hear from you to ascertain what the problem might be and to work on a solution.  Please contact me at with any troubles.

Solutions to some problems:

  • If your logged into PayPal and wish to not have it associated with your account .. click not me.
  • There should be 2 choices on your window a glaring PayPal button, and a not so obvious pay by Credit Card button below it.
  • Ensure on the PayPal billing address it has the Credit Card billing address, this may be different then your store address.

Alternate suggestion:

  • Create a PayPal account .. you can pay by credit card/debit card and some other forms from this account without having to do much else at no additional fees.  Additionally it can keep multiple cards on file for you allowing you to do your purchases easily from the choice of your cards.  You can also have others have access to your card for payments without sharing the card info, you can assign users with this access.

Dan Mazac