Thermal Paper – W: 57 mm, D: 48 mm, Hole D: 12 mm

$2.75 Cdn.

The most common thermal paper size. Prints on outside of paper roll.

Alcon Auto Keratometer Renaissance
B&L Auto Refractor (AR1,AR2, ARK-700a (Nidek))
Berkey Tonometer (250, 252)
Burton VELO 2010 RK
Canon Auto Refractor (KU-1, R-1, R-10, R-20, R-22,
RK-1, RK-3, RK-5, RL-10, R-30, R-50)
Tonometer (T-2NCT, TX-10)
Humphry/Allergan (310, 330, 410, 560, 570, 595)
Macky-Marg Tonometer (15, 17)
Marco Auto Keratometer all, Auto Refrator all,
NCT Tonometer all models
Auto Lensometer (LM-820, 850, 870, ARK-900)
Nidek RKT 7700, Pachymeter, Tonef II #720642
Nikon Auto Refractor (NR-5000, NRK-5100 Retinomax
Auto Lensometer (NL-2, 30, AR-1000, NR-2000,
Ark-700A (Nidek)
Tomey Auto Refractor RT-6000
Topcon Keratometer all models, Lensometer all models
Tonometer all models, Auto Refractor all models
Reichert Auto Keratometer KM-250
Logic Tonometer XPERT
Auto Lensometer AL200, Lensometer Lenscheck
Auto Tenometer (NCT) (AT550, PT100
Auto Refractor (AR-350, KR-450)

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