WOS Reading Cards

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Double-sided. Each is printed on a plastic card which should withstand years of use (Cards should be held on the white-space borders not with finger or thumb over any text). The cards may be washed with water and a gentle soap. Cards are approximately 81/4” x 51/2” and should be held at about 16” away from the patient.

  • Amsler Test CardAmsler Test Card
  • Child RecognitionTest CardChild RecognitionTest Card
  • E Reference Test CardE Reference Test Card
  • Jaeger Cross Test CardJaeger Cross Test Card
  • Near Vision Test CardNear Vision Test Card
  • Standard Test CardStandard Test Card
  • Tumbling "E"/Symbol Test CardTumbling "E"/Symbol Test Card
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WOS Reading Cards

Amsler Test Card, Child RecognitionTest Card, E Reference Test Card, Jaeger Cross Test Card, Near Vision Test Card, Standard Test Card, Tumbling "E"/Symbol Test Card